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Michigan Steel Strapping

Our strapping, banding seals and wire buckles are manufactured in the USA. Certified to ASTM strength requirements.
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Even though we are small compared to the major players, we bring some serious credentials to the table.


We are a member of the ASTM strapping committee.  ASTM is the "Bible" for packaging products. 


Our constant quality performance is a direct result of our prior automotive experience.


Unlike most of our competition, we own our rolling mill and slitter to better control the quality and cost of raw material.  











We also design all of our products and tooling in-house on CAD.













We build all of our tooling in-house in our tool & die department.  We also use this area to focus on any repairwork.





We are a charter member of K.I.S.S. manufacturing principles.  This philosophy also carries over into all other areas of our business.


We sell banding seals and buckles nationally through our distributor network.  We also sell strapping to end users in Michigan, Northern Ohio, and Northern Indiana.  This year we will begin actively looking for distributors around the country to begin selling this type of steel strapping in their areas. Training in the art of selling this type of product will be included as part of the search.



Our automotive background puts us in good stead for controlling the quality of our products.  The major concern for our type of products is raw material.  To that end, we roll all steel coils in-house.  Our rolling mill can control product to +or- .0005".  Our slitting operators recheckgauge and tensile strengths before the product reaches the presses, where it is checked again.  Milling and slitting give us a huge quality advantage to our competition.  Further, the product is monitored continuously throughout the run.  And lastly, we have total traceability i.e. our lot numbers can be traced back to the original coil in case we ever had to purge field inventory.
We do unto our customers as we would have our suppliers do  us.                                   
MSS donates to the following charities as well as local churches:
1. Wounded Warrior Project
2. International Fellowship of Christians & Jews
3. Special Operations Warrior Foundation
4. John Hagee Ministries
5. Christians United for Israel
During the whole life cycle of our products, Michigan Steel Strapping aims to reduce waste and provide quality, while manufacturing safe and environmentally friendly steel strapping, banding seals, and wire buckles.  In the production phase, we strive to improve production efficiency and consider environmental needs i.e. we never paint or galvanize.