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Michigan Steel Strapping

Our strapping, banding seals and wire buckles are manufactured in the USA. Certified to ASTM strength requirements.
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MSS Regular Duty Steel Strapping


The following slide show rotates every 5 seconds.  It is probably something you never knew was available.  It is our newer steel strap dispensing system versus what the competition offers you.  
Traditional Dispenser VS MSS Dispenser

 If you would like an expanded complimentary DVD of the  above slide show, please contact us.


     Regular Duty Steel Strapping  


To the best of our knowledge we are the only manufacturer that has NO WELDS in our strapping.


All regular duty sizes from 1/2" through 1-1/4" - waxed  -unpainted - edged - skid weights 1500#MAX. 



All coils ribbon wound only - See "We Have A Better MOUSETRAP Video" above.



Other Custom sizes available on special order.

Other MSS Products and Services:


Corner Protectors


Part Number:  91250-C

Leg Size:  1-1/4"

Carton Weight:  52.0#

Pieces per Carton:  500

Finish:  Plain





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All Hand Tools

All Pneumatic Tools